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Here are some bullet points on the new contract (if ratified) and what it means for you.

On average, this contract will see an increase of 30% from August 31st to September 1 of this year. On average, Cast Members for Local 50 will see a pay raise of $5.48 per hour that’s $11, 400 per year. These numbers are the average for ALL Members of Local 50. That’s over 8 thousand Members. Some will see a raise more than this average.

A 4-year cashier (now a Culinary person) will see a 29% increase in pay. That’s $4.80 per hour and $9,900 if you work FT hours WITHOUT overtime.

A Dinner Cook will receive a raise of $6.40 per hour, that’s $13,310 per year for an FT Dinner Cook before overtime.

A General Food Prep will receive an increase of $5.85 per hour, that’s $12,170 for the year for an FT GFP.

We also negotiated a one-time sick day. This will be a one-time unpaid sick day to be used before August 31st, 2024. Similar to the old Call Dependent. A yes vote will allow the cast to use this after September 1st, 2023.

We also negotiated a one-time reduction of all disciplines. For example, if you have a written warning it will be reduced to a verbal. If you are a 5-year-plus cast member a p[ending termination will be reduced to a last and final written warning. Ratification of the contract will allow employed cast members to use this after September 1, 2023.

Cast Members with tenure with Disney are getting rewarded too with a bonus.

20 plus years Full Time - $2000 Part Time - $1000

15 plus years Full Time - $1500 Part Time - $500

10 plus years Full Time - $750 Part Time - $375

5 plus years Full Time - $500 Part Time - $250

With a YES vote next week, we will avoid working without a contract. This yes vote will protect us and cast members will see their raises.

Voting will take place in two locations from 9 am-5 pm on Wednesday the 16th, Thursday the 17th, and Friday the 18th.

Disneyland-Lincoln Theatre

DCA-Neighborhood Trailer

Matt Grenert

2VP Workers United Local 50

Disney's Hourly Classification Rate Schedule Offer

Disney's Hourly Tipped Classification Rate Schedule Offer

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