Side Employment

As Castmembers of the Walt Disney Company,with the parks closure, and the Pandemic going on around us, some of us have been impacted economically in a large way.  The uncertainty of where our income is going to be coming from is a real one that has real implications on our daily life.

With the closures of “non essential ” businesses all around us, we might think that there is no way to find an external income source.  Rest assured that the opportunities are still available be it not where one might normally think.  Several “essential” businesses are still operating and in fact expanding the workforce.


Huge companies like Amazon, Walmart, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Grocery Stores, 7 eleven, CVS are actually looking to hire

Instacart the grocery store delivery service is looking to hire 3000,000 people to shop and deliver the grocery’s.  This is more then doubling its workforce.

Walmart is planning on hiring 150,000 new workers to its warehouses and stores.

Amazon looks to hire a similar amount of new employees at 100,000 new employees to deliver goods and to work in the warehouses as online shopping is ramping up.

Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Domino's and other pizza-delivery companies are hiring more than 60,000 employees ranging from cooks, managers, and drivers.  Same at meal kit companies like Blue Apron and delivery platforms like Shipt.

Dollar Tree plans on hiring 25,000 full- and part- time employees for its 15,000 stores and 24 distribution centers.  Company is looking for Cashiers and stockers in its retail stores

7 Eleven is expecting to hire more then 20,000 new store employees as they look to “Ramp up” for increased demand on their products.

CVS also announcing on 3/22 that it would be hiring more then 50,000 employees in Full-time, Part-Time, and temporary jobs.

Transportation and Logistics hiring are on the rise by 7% compared to that of February.


Also most local governments and health care organizations are looking to hire people at the front desks to help with the screening of patients coming to be tested or believe to have symptoms.


Grocery stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, Kroger, Albertsons are looking to hire new employees to help with the increasing demand being put on the grocery stores by the public.


Rest assured that other sources of employment are out there, and not as far as one would think.