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Perfectionism is often driven by striving for excellence. It can also be self-impairing. Oftentimes, there are three big mistakes that tend to kill perfectionists’ productivity.Productivity isn’t about getting more done. It’s about what you get done. Three aspects of perfectionism can interfere with your ability to prioritize the most important tasks.Solution: Have a mechanism in place for checking that you’re not sticking to a habit just because you are obsessed with self-discipline. If you’ve never missed a workout or a habit in two years, it’s likely there were some days when getting it done wasn’t the best use of your time. Review the opportunity cost of any such activities or habits to make sure they are currently the best use of your physical and mental energy.Perfectionism is often driven by striving for excellence, but it can be self-sabotaging if it leads to suboptimal behavior like continuing habits beyond their usefulness, overdelivering when you don’t have to, or overthinking or overanalyzing every decision you make.


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