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DATE: JUNE 15TH,2023

TIME:  10:00AM


DATE: JUNE 16TH,2023

TIME:  10:00AM




Thank you to all the Cast for all you do From Day 1 we presented everything we wanted from the beginning START OF session 1 We met with the company for our first session at 10:45am. The company presented 4 Items about Festivals, Carthay Circle and Specific Conversions and Reclassification, and 1 unchanged item about tip average We told Disney because they haven’t shared their wages and pay, we are not able to make a decision on any more of their proposals until they bring up wages and pay. After session 1 We talked to the cast about Disney’s presented items and heard about their concerns and how they would be personally impacted. We also wanted to take the time to talk to our cast and not only about what Disney presented but about the everyday issues START OF session 2 We met with the company for the second session at 3:15pm Disney finally mentioned they were working on a full proposal. Disney has also mentioned hiring from the outside. Our union believes that the Cast is what makes the parks live Again we shared with the company that because they haven’t shared their wages and pay, we are not able to make a decision on any more of their proposals. We also asked questions about the company's proposal for CR availability such as how is it going to affect FT cast members? Will the company still accommodate school schedules? Can a CR employee switch between 7 day availability and weekend availability? Disney was not able to provide answers to all our questions. START OF session 3 Disney presented us with a comprehensive package. The union and cast have much to think about.


We met with the company with a full gallery.


       Session 1 @1:36pm 

      We asked questions about the FSW and cashier merger.

  • Will the Current/Existing cast have the opportunity to opt-in to get the knowledge, and not be forced to, as well as if their location is shut down?

  • Do Leads/Trainers have the opportunity to opt-in, for the knowledge? 

  • How will the company separate Leads/Trainer that don't Opt-in?

  • The company was not able to answer our question at this time. 

        Session 2 @2:24pm 

  • The company came back with the answers for the FSW and cashier merger.


  • There will not be an expectation to learn additional knowledge.

  • Scheduling of the shift will be as is right now 

  • Leads will operate as it is now

  • Trainer will trained in the knowledge they have, and will not be expected to learn other knowledge 

  • If a location closes down, the cast will learn the location's additional knowledge as it is today, however, will be able to rescind said knowledge after they have gone back to their original location

* We met with the Company at 4pm, and delivered our proposal to them.

*We spoke with the company for about an hour with detailed information for each proposal and the reason why we are asking for it with a filled gallery.

*After waiting 2 hours the company decided to stop the negotiations for the night, and continue tomorrow at 1pm. 

*We appreciate the support from our members that came out to watch and see our negotiations


We met with the company 4 times with a full gallery


  • They rejected Union proposal number 1, without asking any questions about it. We did ask for understanding about the rejection, but the company had no response whatsoever.  


  •  We met with the company, we had open discussions about merging  the cashier, Bar H/H and FWS. The company had no response on any training /restrictions and accommodation in the merger of both classifications. 

    • We did ask again about the rejection of union proposals 1, but didn't get a response. But they are open to having discussions on many of our proposals. 


  •      We talked with the company, we had open discussion about the merging of the 3 roles Cash, FSW and Bar HH. They did mention that current members wouldn't cross trained on the 3 roles.

    •  Only new hires will have to be cross trained, and the current members will choose if they want the knowledge.

    • In a Situation a current member wants to cross trained to a new location,they will have to be trained in all 3 roles.


  •      We had open discussions about the drug and alcohol proposals       but the company couldn't answer any of the union's questions.       Leaving us with more questions than answers.

    • We question how the company will  judge someone that is under the influence.

    • We ask what would be the standard on the influences part.   


The Union met with the company 2 times today May 15, 2023


  1. We met with the company in the morning, and (agreed) on some MOU that involves the scheduling team.

  2. We did ask questions about company proposal 4 that involves:

SECTION 20 SENIORITY with CR availability: Below is what the company is asking for 

Weekends (Friday 3pm to closing Sunday) and Holiday Periods Defined below; or

Weekdays (Monday through Thursday 3pm to closing) and Holiday Periods defined below; or

Seven Day (3pm to closing Monday through Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday) and Holiday Periods defined below.


  1. We did ask questions about company proposal  3 that involves

 SECTION 16 TIPPED EMPLOYEES; TIPS, GRATUITIES, ETC. Below is what the company is asking.

*The company is adding Bartender to the tip pool and removing the Houseman off it.

*The company is adding is adding Product to the Summary of Duties to the Banquet Help: but are not limited to the preparation, set up, service, replenishment and break down of equipment 


      4.The company was will to talk about some of the Union proposes, that includes 

Probationary period 


  • Tipped employees, ( Adding  6 months to tipped average wages)  

  •  Club 33 (no change)

  • Cathay Circle (no change)

  • Specific Positions (adding ODV Stocker/Stewart)

  • Festivals (Disney wants no change, Union is trying change)


     5.We met with the company in the afternoon, and TA (agreed) on another MOU that involves the club 33.


     6.We talked about Company proposal  3

  SECTION 16 TIPPED EMPLOYEES; TIPS, GRATUITIES, ETC: Below is what the company is asking 


*The company mentioned that they want to get rid of the Tip houseman, and move more work load to the banquet's help

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