COVID 19 has had an unprecedented impact on cast members and the resort. The company and the Union negotiated regarding the effects of the resort closure until further notice. We met with the company day and night in order to establish terms that will affect Local 50 Food and Beverage members. Effective April 19th members will be furloughed. Below is a summary of the effects of being furloughed.


Furloughed members


Medical, dental, vision, life insurance and disability insurance coverage will continue for regular full-time members who are enrolled in these plans. The premiums that members pay, through normal payroll deductions, will be paid by the company while members are on furlough. For casual regular members who are eligible (through the Affordable Care Act) and have elected to have coverage their benefits will continue as well with the company paying the entire premium. Eligibility for the calendar year 2021 Affordable Care Act coverage will be given credit based on average hours worked.


For members that are eligible and participating in the contractual pension plan they will receive credit for the length of the furlough period for the purpose of determining Credited Years of Service and Credited Hours of Service.


Members will continue to be eligible to participate and utilize the same perks and privileges as non-furloughed resort employees. This includes, but is not limited to, programs like Aspire.


For the purposes of maintaining Full-Time status and benefits, members will be credited 40 hours of work for each week while on furlough for the 2019-2020 monitoring period that concludes at the end of July.



Members who were originally set to convert from Casual Regular to Full-Time status on April 19th will have their conversion date changed to April 12th. This is in order for them to elect benefits and be covered with no member premium cost like those already enrolled.


All members are still employed with Disney. When the resort begins to recall furloughed members back to work seniority and the contract will be utilized. Disney also agrees to meet with the Union to discuss the impacts related to the resumption of park operations.



Vacations, approved or requested, that occur while on furlough will be canceled automatically. No paid time off (vacation or sick) will be taken from members when this occurs. Because the length of the closure is unknown at this time, for members with pre-approved vacations you will be eligible to withdraw those requests using the normal procedures. Members will be able to utilize vacation balances prior to the furlough. Payment will be maxed out at 40 hours per week for as long as members have hours. Submissions must be made prior to April 18th using cast mobile or RSVP. Sick pay may not be utilized. Benefits (medical, dental, vision, death and disability) will not be deducted from pay associated with these requests. Accrued benefit debt is subject to deduction. Utilizing vacation time in this manor may jeopardize an individual’s eligibility for unemployment. 

Disney will send written furlough notices to members. These notices are intended to assist members in various situations, such as applying for unemployment or seeking rent/mortgage relief from a lender/landlord.